CBD And Your Bundle Of Joy

Updated: Feb 1, 2021

Find out how cannabinoids are vital for babies' development and how parents can utilize CBD for their child's health- at any age!

For decades, there has been an incredibly negative stigma towards cannabis use by American society that began in the 1930s, even though our country was built upon the industrial hemp industry. The Declaration of Independence is written on hemp paper, and for a time, hemp was even required by law to be grown by citizens as a cash crop for export. Fast-forward roughly eighty years later; the United States is now rediscovering the multitude of health benefits cannabis offers along with the versatility of how the plant can be manufactured; from paper to leather, to even biodegradable "plastic".

Cannabis contains over 130 phytocannabinoids (from plants). These compounds all work together in an "entourage" effect that produces a beneficial response by our own bodies' endocannabinoid (internal) system via our CB1 and CB2 receptors. Every animal possesses an endocannabinoid system! It is used to regulate the body's steady functioning of the brain, nervous, immune systems, and more. It brings our bodies back into balance or "homeostasis". Phyto and endocannabinoids are not identical as is commonly claimed, but that does not mean that phytocannabinoids aren't beneficial to our health or ineffective. Phytocannabinoids still tell our cannabinoid system how to regulate other chemicals found in our bodies via our receptors. The most common compounds are THC and CBD. THC is the compound that produces a psychoactive effect (the "high" feeling). CBD is a compound that never (ever) produces any type of psychoactive effect, and has many health benefits.

So what does all of this mean for you and your baby? While more research needs to be done regarding THC-use during pregnancy and fetal development, (and is currently not recommended) it is still important to understand that endocannabinoids are naturally produced in human breastmilk to promote the stable development of your baby's brain and immune system. For mothers, CBD "topicals" such as body salve is safe to be used on pregnant bellies for stretchmark prevention. CBD oil "tinctures" are a great way to stabilize emotions during postpartum. Once the baby is born, there are many different ways to incorporate CBD as a natural approach to common childhood ailments from infancy to adolescence!

One of CBD's many attributes is that it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory. You can safely use CBD oil for infants' teething pain or colic. It aids in calming and promotes REM sleep. Remember to dose very low- only a few drops on a pacifier will suffice. Full and broad-spectrum CBD topicals can clear even the harshest of diaper rashes essentially over-night. CBD is anti-bacterial and promotes new skin regrowth. Does your baby have eczema or psoriasis? Try CBD before heading to the pediatricians for an often ineffective steroid cream. Once Baby starts to grow up, CBD topicals are great for any scraped knees and also a pain reliever for dreaded growing-pains in the arms and legs. Just a light layer of salve over sore muscles will naturally soothe your junior athlete after t-ball practice or after a full afternoon of gymnastics. It does wonders for healing chapped skin and lips for toddlers, especially in freezing winter climates. CBD lip balm to the rescue!

CBD has also been a savior for many children affected by disabling seizures. It is always essential to work with medical professionals for managing epilepsy, but there are countless testimonies by parents that their children's quality of life has been greatly improved by medicating their child with CBD, in some cases eradicating the seizures altogether. Along with anti-anxiety, anti-depressant properties, and with absolutely zero potential for any addiction, over-dosing, or over-use dangers; it is amazing how something so natural and beneficial could be demonized across the world. Thankfully CBD is now legal in all 50 states, with some limits on a state-by-state basis regarding edibles (i.e. CBD candy and drinks, but not tincture oil).

It is vital to know that not all CBD products are created equally. Full-spectrum CBD has all cannabinoids present, including the legal U.S. Federal limits of 0.3% or less of THC. (No, full-spectrum CBD will not get you “high” either. Ever.) Broad-spectrum CBD includes all of the essential cannabinoids except for THC. CBD isolate products are also an option but can be not as effective. These are products that only contain the CBD compound and no others. Stay away from products that have “hemp seed oil” listed as an ingredient if you are after any real health benefits. There are none in hemp seed oil and it is often just a marketing ploy.

You will also want to find out where and how your CBD products are produced. Does the company know where their hemp comes from? Is it grown organically? Has it been 3rd party lab tested for quality, purity, and pesticides? Any reputable company will be able to tell you these things and have the lab test results to show you. Always support your local hemp farms when possible.Not only do they grow the hemp, but sometimes they handcraft all of their own CBD products which should offer superior quality compared to a random bottle picked up at a gas station or the mall.

Finally, make sure that any CBD product you decide on doesn't have any fillers or junk preservatives. Sometimes large companies try to skimp on the CBD oil purity, or amount in general, which will leave you with a very weak product. Good quality CBD works within 5 to 10 minutes, depending on the strength. If a business advises you that it "takes a few weeks” before feeling any difference, keep looking! MTC oil, however, is commonly added to CBD tincture and is very helpful for CBD absorption in the body. MTC is derived from the fat of coconuts and is a great ingredient as long as your child does not have any coconut allergies.

My recommendation for any CBD product is grown, processed, and handcrafted by New England hemp farm; Herban Extracts. Not only do they use organic farming practices, but their tincture oil is essentially tasteless with no smell- something very hard to find anywhere on the market. Their products are safe for and commonly used on infants and small children. The quality is unmatched and yes- so are their prices! You can find Herban Acres products and more on our website The CBD Candy Boutique by clicking here. We are an online-only boutique that offers the best in CBD edibles, CBD self-care, and CBD pet products; all shipped directly to your door.

If you have any further questions regarding CBD, please do not hesitate to reach out via the Contact Form on the website! Cannabis education is essential to ending any remaining stigma that has been wrongfully attached to such a beneficial plant. We can't wait to hear from you!

Photo credits to: Daniel Reche, Andrea Piacquadio, Jonathan Borba, and platinumportfolio

This article and any information entailed is not a substitute for professional medical advice from a physician. CBD is a natural alternative treatment and is not being claimed as a permanent "cure" to any ailment. Please consult a physician if you are having any medical issues or call your country's emergency number if you need immediate help.

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