Happy Black History Month 2021!

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

Happy Black History Month! 🙌

When I was in school, Black History Month was barely mentioned (if at all) and definitely never expanded upon in depth. I just remember being taught about Martin Luther King Jr. and Rosa Parks- but nobody else. As an adult, I look back and see how extremely wrong that was. The history that I was taught was white-washed. As adults, it is important and our responsibility to recognize that and to do better. To continue to educate ourselves and to correctly educate our children.

There are incredible black Americans in our history whose stories deserve to be heard, taught, and celebrated. Did you know that Amelia Earhart wasn't the only female U.S. pilot, for example?

Bessie Coleman was an incredible woman who overcame every financial, racial, and gender-based obstacle in this country that attempted to stop her from her dream of becoming a pilot.

When every American flight school refused her entry for being black and female; she did something that I personally strongly relate to:

She taught herself French and BOUNCED! ✌🇫🇷

France allowed her entry and she obtained her pilot's license from Fédération Aéronautique Internationale on June 15, 1921. Coleman was also the first black person to earn an international pilot's license. She continued on to travel Europe and performed aviation shows to the public, eventually returning to the United States to show this country what was up. 💯

Who is your favorite black hero from history (American or non?) I want to know! Post below in the comments! 💚

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