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Social Justice & Social Equity Over Profits

The CBD Candy Boutique has officially taken The Cannabis Equity Pledge!

We do not handle THC directly, but we are always in support of our local Massachusetts and surrounding cannabis communities. We stand together in arms with all of the Social Equity & Economic Empowerment license applicants of Massachusetts and believe in social justice over profits.

Many large Cannabis Corporations have been attempting to undermine Social Equity & Economic Empowerment priority periods in the licensing process within the state, including attempts to sue to do away with these priority periods. This is despicable because SE and EE applicants represent minority groups that have been disproportionately harmed and oppressed during the government's failed "War on Drugs".

The CBD Candy Boutique supports Social Equity and Economic Empowerment efforts and will continue to call on the boycott of all "Big Canna" conglomerates within the CDA who attempt to infringe upon the rights of these applicants.

Thank you, Jessica Angeline Founder

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